How are Spinal Conditions Diagnosed? Dr. Gravori, Los Angeles Spine Surgeon, Explains

How to Diagnose Back Pain

While you can choose one of the top hospitals in Los Angeles, the right doctor is even more important. A good doctor is someone who doesn’t merely focus on your immediate condition, but evaluates you as a whole. They understand that you are more than just a patient with a specific medical issue – you are an individual with a unique history, distinct habits, and personal traits.

A Surgeon’s Perspective: More than a Medical Image

The Limitations of MRI

In the realm of medicine, a good surgeon understands that the human body isn’t as simple as the black-and-white images reflected in an MRI scan. Looking at an MRI by itself is not enough; it doesn’t capture the full picture.

The Source of Pain: The Key to Effective Treatment

A doctor’s real mission is to pinpoint the source of your back pain or discomfort. It’s not enough to be able to say that your pain or discomfort is coming from a specific segment of your MRI. Understanding the root cause of your pain makes all the difference in the world.

The Power of Thorough Evaluation

Why A Thorough Evaluation Matters

A thorough evaluation includes a lot of time spent with the patient – listening to them, examining them, looking at their MRI, going back and forth, and repeating examinations whenever necessary.

The Importance of Correlation in Diagnosis

The main goal is to make sure that everything correlates – that your history and your examination correlates with the MRI. Only then can a doctor confidently state that if they treat the part of your body indicated in the MRI, your pain will go away.

Without this correlation, a misdiagnosis may result in wasted time or worse, the wrong treatments. If a doctor can’t make the connection between your symptoms, your history, and your MRI, their efforts might prove useless. This highlights the critical role that a thorough, personalized evaluation plays in healthcare.

In summary, the portrait of a good doctor or a good surgeon extends beyond their ability to interpret MRI scans. It lies in their capacity to treat you as a whole, to listen and understand your history, and to correlate your symptoms with your medical imaging. This is the kind of healthcare provider that truly makes a difference in patients’ lives.

About Dr. Gravori, Los Angeles-based Spine Surgeon

Dr. Gravori is a board-certified spine and neurological surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive spine procedures and pain management. He began his educational career by obtaining his B.S. in biology from the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He then went on to receive extensive medical training at the University of Rochester, NY, before returning to UCLA for a neurosurgery residency.