NSHF Launches “Look Up” Campaign to Raise Awareness about Tech Neck

Tech Neck

As the average smart phone usage has now grown to over 3 hours a day, the National Spine Health Foundation has announced a new campaign to raise awareness about cervical spine sprain or neck pain sometimes referred to as “tech neck.”

The new “Look Up” campaign includes several specific suggestions for American’s to manage phone usage and spinal health:

  1. Track the time. Look up from devices frequently and set reminders to move and stretch.
  2. Align the device. Hold devices at eye-level to ensure that your head is stacked over your spine.
  3. Build good posture habits. Combine effective lumbar support with a good seating position to relieve disc and neck position.
  4. Exercise. Adopt a regular exercise regimen to strengthen the neck, back and core muscles.
Tech neck develops from looking down at a device for extended periods of time without breaks

“Tech neck diagnoses are on the rise as Americans spend an increasing amount of time each day using phones and computers,” said Dr. Rita Roy, CEO of NSHF. “However, individuals don’t need to give up their electronic devices to protect themselves from tech neck. Instead, following the simple yet effective tips featured in our ‘Look Up’ campaign can help prevent pain and injury.”

For more information, visit the National Spine Health Foundation.

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